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Rzr Ridgid Tool Box Mount

The Rzr cooler brackets is a top-grade surrogate to add a bit of luxury to your tool box! They can be used to Mount your Rzr cooler to a wall, armour, or piece of furniture, the package comes with two brackets and a washtub cover.

Rzr Ridgid Tool Box Mount Amazon

If you're searching for a tool Box that fits your bike, we recommend the polaris razor Rzr tool Box mount, this mounts to the back of the home depot box, and extends a range of other sensational options like a lock. Are you scouring for a heavy-duty mounting system for your polaris rzr? Don't search more than the Ridgid tool this system is fabricated for the Rzr and is meant to withstand use in a number of applications, plus, it provides a good digging and functional system that can be associated with the bike. This is a Ridgid tool Box Mount that is fit for the polaris Rzr Ridgid tool box, the Mount is able to hold the tool Box without having to be tightened down. The flag whip holder can also be stored in the Mount without having to be tightened down, the tool Box can be used for other purposes as well. This is a first-rate tool Box Mount for the Rzr 20 Box cooler, it fits both the Rzr 20 Box cooler and the fit polaris Rzr 20 box. The brackets fit tight and are built with a tough plastic material that will not let you down.