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Vintage Craftsman Tool Box Parts

This is a prison-style tool Box with hard-to-find Vintage Craftsman components and parts, the Box is a splendid alternative to keep your tools and Parts in one place, and it's also a sensational way to keep your profits in your account.

Cheap Vintage Craftsman Tool Box Parts

This is a Vintage Craftsman tool Box Parts organizer storage Box with 2 metal drawers, the Box is in good condition with no defects. It is conjointly including the following: 2 metal pulls that go all the alternative around the edge of the box, so you can more easily find what you are wanting for, the Box is manufactured of metal and gives a four drawer structure with a variety of tool pockets and compartments. The Box is furthermore filled with hardware and Parts for a variety of farmstead tools, including clamps, chisels, and chisels with brass nozzles, this unrivaled for holding your tools while you work so they are always at hand. The sides are made of thick mahogany wood, and the top renders a couple of deep cuts for a radial saw to slide in, there are also caster wheels and a few other Parts to this tool box, as well as a small bowl and an orbital saw. The tool-boxes, biz is in top grade condition, and only provides some minor use wear. It is definitely a piece of history! This Vintage Craftsman tool Box part from number 3634 miter Box angle locking assembly is a replacement for the angle assembly that holds the miter Box in place, the part is in good condition with no flaws. It is a peerless tool Box for displaying and storing tools.