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Semi Step Tool Box

Looking for a great tool box but don't want to go out of your way? this is the perfect option for you! The 25x28x18 tool box is perfect for holding any kind of tool box. The perfect way to keep all your tools close at hand.


12"wide Aluminum Step Semi Tool Box

By RadiatorMaster


Semi Step Tool Box Walmart

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Top 10 Semi Step Tool Box

This great tool box offers 12 different tools to help you get starting in your aluminum step care business. With tools like a jigsaw, jigsawiler and hammer, this tool box provides the hands-on experience needed to get your business up and running. this is a perfect tool box for protecting your aluminum side step tool with the rc 114 semi globe. The tool box has two blocks to keep your tool safe, and a liner man built to work with it. The tool box is the perfect way to protect your tool box and make your truck more secure. this 12wide tool box is perfect for carrying all of your tool needs! It is made of aluminum and is about 12" wide. The box has a few straps to keep the tool box together and a place for an extra set of hands. This tool box is easy to use and is perfect for small jobs. this tool box is perfect for carrying all of your semi- step tools and other necessary materials. The 18x25x28 tool box is made of aluminum and features a built-in lock and keys. The box also features a semi-step saddle box with a lock and keys.