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Proto Tool Box

The stanley proto general purpose single latch tool box is a great way to keep your toolkit well-equipped. With 20 x 8. 5 x 9. 5 inches, it's large enough to handle more jobs, but small enough to fit into a tool box. The fabric baggily fabric is easy to clean, and the clamps make it easy toclose, locks, and keep.

Proto Tool Box Red

Proto Tool Box Red



Proto Tool Boxes


Proto Tool Box Parts

This proto tool box has the usual tools for small jobs, such as a parts tool, box end saw, and jigsaw. The parts tool can be used to cut down on workflows or deep cutters. The box end saw is great for cutting lgs jobs or other tree work. The jigsaw is perfect for things like mdf or fabric cutting. The tool box also includes a 516 38 wrench which is highly versatile. It can be used to open wrenches or open up boxes with ease. this is a vintage proto tool box only. Smaller, but with a lot of pro tools in it. Not to mention it's in great condition! this vintage tool box is a great addition to your toolkit. The box has several meeting and operational tool required items included, as well as a variety of tool wielders supplies. The tool box is large enough to store all of your tools in one place, while still providing a degree of accessibility. this proto tool box has everything you need to get started in tooling and construction. This box has 38 12-squeal tool parts and accessories, including a saw, t-bar, and u-bar. The tool box is alsoeday providing some spare parts and accessories.