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Lund Fender Well Tool Box

This lund fender well tool box is perfect for those who are looking for an excellent way to store and protect their fender well tools. The tool box is full size and features a diamond platine cover. It is also made to store fender well tools and is perfect for busy professionals.

Lund Fender Well Tool Box Amazon

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Lund Fender Well Tool Box Ebay

This lund 88230 fender well truck tool box - white steel new tool box is perfect for your truck. With a spacious inside, you'll have everything you need to start working on your vehicle. The white steel material means that this tool box will last and keep your truck safe and clean. This is a perfect tool box for your lund fender well tool needs. The box is made of heavy weight aluminum and is finished with a smooth finish. It has a star-shaped design to it and is full of room for your tools. The box is also detachable for easy storage and transport. this lund 8226 60-inch fender well tool box is a great way to organize and protect your truck toolkit. The well tool box has been designed to store all of your fender well tools, fromu-dhx and clamps-u. This tool box is also possibilities to store other tools needed for fender well work, like psorsonizes and bores. The well tool box is able to hold a maximum of 60 tools, making it a perfect solution for all your fender well needs. this is a great gun box that will store your guns and other items. It is made from black aluminum and will keep your guns safe and sound.