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Kobalt Tool Box

This kobalt tool box is a great way to organize and manage your tools. The chrome tool set includes a mix of metric and standard sae tools. It comes with 15 different parens that make it easy to find what you're looking for. The tool set is also finished in a light brown finish that will stand out in any room.

Kobalt Stainless Steel Tool Box

The kobalt stainless steel tool box is a great way to organize and store your tools. It is made from stainless steel and is available in a variety of colors. It comes with a lot of features that make it an ideal tool storage solution. It is spacious and has a lot of storage for your tools. The door is made from stainless steel that is easy to open and close. Some of them have room to store your tools. Other pockets have mesh sides that make it easy to take your tools and store them in one place. The tool box is also easy to maintain because it has a self-closing door. You can be sure that the kobalt stainless steel tool box is a reliable tool storage solution.

Kobalt Tool Boxes

Introducing the perfect solution for those who need a means to protect their computer tools from the sun! The kobalt tool boxes are designed to add a little bit of protection and protection on the tools themselves. They come in either red or green color and will add an extra layer of protection over the tool itself. the kobalt tool boxes are a great way to keep your tools safe and secure. With their unique handle design, these tool boxes make a great addition to your home. The boxes come with 12 tool handle endcaps and a set of 12 pc. the kobalt folding tool bag utility organizer case multi pocket - soft shell is a great way to keep your tools close and well-protected. This bag comes with a kobalt folding tool bag, a multi-purpose tool organizer, and a soft shell case. The kobalt folding tool bag is perfect for bending, cutting, and other fold-and-go jobs, while the multi-purpose tool organizer is for working with multiple tools. The soft shell case ensures your tools are always safe and protected. this is a tool box with a code 8001-8223 in it. It is new and has never been in use. It is a great opportunity to take advantage of today's discounts and reduce costs.