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Craftsman Tool Box Drawer Clips

Our tool Box Drawer Clips are peerless choice to keep your tools close at hand, they're made with a built-in slide hanger and a small hole for when you need to share a set up and down time.

Craftsman Tool Box Rails

This Craftsman tool Box rails kit is a top-notch surrogate to keep your tool Box organized and scouring good! The kit comes with 12 early 2 double loop style tools bowl nations and tools, a tool Box slide, and a built in camera! This kit is first-rate for drawing or slide painting, this is a top-of-the-line Box to keep all your tools in while you're away on vacation. The slide system ensures that you don't have to try to open the Box to get to your tools, the spring retention system keeps the tools fresh while you're away. The Craftsman tool Box Drawer slide clip is a practical substitute to keep your tools close while you're home and can access them when you get back, are your tool boxes reaching the end of their life? Are they getting too large or too small? If you have a few quick days work left in you, these drawers can keep your tools safe and named until they die. This tool Box Clips are terrific choice to keep your Drawer slides in condition, they are made of water resistant plastic and have a black finish to make them stand out. The Clips are made of threadless hardwood and have a low-key look to them.