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Craftsman Harley Davidson Tool Box

This craftsman bike box has 16 tool box magnets that allow you to, among other things, add a name to your bike, as well as keep your bike safe and easy to find. The box is also made from matco materials and can be easily surnamed.

Sears Craftsman Harley Davidson Tool Box

We’re love with our craftsman harley davidson tool box! It’s from the ’80s and we appreciate its history and crafted from high-quality materials. It’s a great way to keep our tools and supplies close at hand, and it makes for a better work life when we’re needed. if you’re looking for a tool box that’s both stylish and functional, we recommend checking out this harley davidson tool box. It’s made from sturdy materials and features a variety of features that make it a great choice for both everyday carry and tool use.

Sears Harley Davidson Tool Box

This sears harley davidson tool box is a great way to keep your tools close and well organized. The tool-boxes. Biz on matco craftsman label harley davidson bike hd drawer makes organizing your tools easy and helpful. this brand new craftsman harley davidson 5 drawer special edition toolbox chest is a great way to keep your toolkit close all while also being able to access the some of the tools. The chest is made with black hardwood and white cedar veneer and features the brand new davidson serial number. This toolbox is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their tools safe and secure. this harleys tool box is a great addition to your bike! It is made of magnetized plastic and has a craftsman label on the front. The tool box can also be used as a spooler, with magnets to hold on to politicalilian materials. this is a craftsman bike box with magnets on the bottom for a 16 tool box matco bike. The side has a label and the top has the harley davidson numbers. It is made out of plastic and has a nice design.