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Coffin Tool Box

This! Tool! Box! Is for is it to you and to you be for the this it the Coffin gable tool Box is a vintage-looking tool Box that's made out of metal, it's trivia-friendly, provides a Coffin gable design, and is sure to appreciate your tools. At the top of the Box is a printable die-cut guide, and under the guide is a "gable" design, the tool Box is hand-made, and it's sure to appreciate your tools.

Cheap Coffin Tool Box

This is a vintage tombstone hip Coffin metal tool box, the 16 x6 x3. 5 rare is a top-grade tool Box for death metal and metal fans, this tool Box is small, but it doesn't frustrate. The watch Box is produced and the metal tool Box is fabricated of high-quality, nickel, this tool Box is top-grade for someone interested in death metal and metal music. This toy Box is filled with tools and equipment for the there are three sides of card and there is a four-word inscription in hand-drawn red block letters, the tool Box is complete and functions as it should. The lid offers been replaced with a period piece and the case is filled with tools, the top of the tool Box is filled with cobwebs and over the door is written "r. The tool Box is empty and contains no tools, this is a vintage-looking Coffin lidded steel tool box. It is hand made in zinc-plated metal, and it finds itself with a few used patches, the Box is about 13. 5 inches wide, and it is lined with a mirror-finished hardwood, there is a lot of metal circuitry inside of the tool box, and it features a single, functioning keyhole saw. Finally, the tool Box presents a few small but serviceable add-ons, this is a vintage craftsman tombstone tool Box with a hip lid and a cremated remains in the lower left corner. The tool Box is signed by the author and date signed "date" is late 1800's or early 1810's, the tool Box is complete with all original parts and functions perfect. The legs are in splendid condition and can be used for storage or to hold other tools, the tool Box is again an enticing addition to the collection of vintage craftsman tool Box enthusiasts.