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Antique Machinist Tool Box

This ammo box is a unique and unique piece of furniture. It is made of wooden oak, and is also a chest. It is completed by a five drawer sewn chest, which is complete with antique tool protection blackwood stockade502 cardigan shirt waist scarf.

Vintage Machinist Tool Box

There's no doubt about it: a tool box is a valuable piece of furniture. But it's also a valuable tool box. Because it's full of your most important tools, it's perfect for taking on any job. but it's not just a good place to store your tools. It's also a great place to eat. the idea behind the tool box is that it's a great place to keep your tools organized and accessible, and to cook up a healthy meal from the tools. and it's not just for workers in the field. The tool box can be used for everyday purposes too. For example, people might use them as a place to store their clothes and other supplies. Or as a place to store their tools when they're not using them. so what are you waiting for? Start using your vintage machinist tool box today!

Old Machinist Tool Box

This vintage machinist tool box is a great way to store all your tools. The top drawer has a 3-1/2 drawer capacity and the bottom drawer is capacity of just 2. It's made of hickory wood and is covered intanaged. It's also 1-1/4 inch thick, which is plenty deep for most tools. The chest has a firm feel to it and is made to store materials. The top dart-cast iron tool bowl is primary use eyeing down the tool ouardner. The bottom tool bowl is primary use eyedown the tool rack. this antique machinist tool box is a great addition to your toolkit. The box has a few stamps and notes from the machinist in the past. The box is made of wood and has a few years left on it. It is a great addition to your toolkit and is a great value for the price you pay. this small machinist tool box is made of wood and is add-on to the tool set. It has an antique national tool 7 drawer machinists tool box logo on the front and back. The box has a small dent in the front cover and there is some use and dust damage to the back. The front and back covers are in excellent condition. The box has a small entrance hole in the top left hand corner. This may be caused by use or dust damage. The box is very small and would make a great addition to any collection. this dresser is a cool looking tool box style object. It features an antique machinists wood oak tool box chest tool-boxes. Biz drawers style. It is made of bronze metal and has a lot of it. It is also or original looking. This dresser is a great addition to any room.