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Antique Machinist Tool Box

This ammo Box is an unique and unique piece of furniture, it is produced of wooden oak, and is again a chest. It is completed by a five drawer sewn chest, which is complete with Antique tool protection blackwood cardigan shirt waist scarf.

Old Machinist Tool Box

This vintage Machinist tool Box is a beneficial choice to store all your tools, the top drawer grants an 3-1/2 drawer capacity and the bottom drawer is capacity of just 2. It's made of hickory wood and is covered it's also 1-1/4 inch thick, which is plenty deep for most tools, the chest grants a firm feel to it and is produced to store materials. The top dart-cast iron tool bowl is primary use eyeing down the tool the bottom tool bowl is primary use the tool rack, this Antique Machinist tool Box is a terrific addition to your toolkit. The Box grants a few stamps and notes from the Machinist in the past, the Box is fabricated of wood and provides a few years left on it. It is an outstanding addition to your toolkit and is a peerless value for the price you pay, this small Machinist tool Box is produced of wood and is add-on to the tool set. It imparts an Antique national tool 7 drawer machinists tool Box logo on the front and back, the Box offers a small in the front cover and there is some use and dust damage to the back. The front and back covers are in excellent condition, the Box offers a small entrance hole in the top left hand corner. This may be caused by use or dust damage, the Box is very small and would make a top-rated addition to all collection. This dresser is a cool digging tool Box style object, it features an Antique machinists wood oak tool Box chest tool-boxes. Biz drawers style, it is manufactured of bronze metal and imparts a lot of it. It is conjointly or original looking, this dresser is a top-grade addition to each room.